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Message from the President

Dear Fellow NJ Ophthalmologists,

When I became president of the NJAO in January, we had grand plans- 2020 was supposed to be a year to celebrate our profession, and as an organization we had great ideas to promote the 20-20 vision theme and highlight the great work of ophthalmology. Instead, we were forced to respond to a pandemic. While we were all providing front line services to our patients in need, the NJAO was there to help us all navigate a myriad of issues, such as: defining who is essential, obtaining PPE, financial considerations, elective surgery, testing protocols, executive orders and directives, surgery center issues, employer/employee matters, re-opening and best practices to operating a covid-compliant office, and much, much more. Over the last 6 months, as always, we have been a conduit of information for our members and advocacy for ALL ophthalmologists in the state.

In addition, the NJAO maintained its laser focus on legislative matters, including vigilance on threats to our scope of practice, and being an authoritative resource on issues facing the medical community which include access to care, reimbursement policy, and the business of medicine (restrictive covenants and truth in advertising).

One of the highlights of the year has always been our annual meeting. It has been complimented by speakers as one of the best attended and organized state meetings. We are disappointed that this year we are unable to offer our typical, in-person, Annual Meeting in September, but we are excited to be offering members of the NJAO an added benefit free of charge. Over the span of three weeknights (9/30,10/7, and 10/14) we will provide 3 webinars from the speakers we had lined up for the conference, and access to these will be complimentary for all NJ ophthalmologists who join for 2021 prior to 9/30/20. If you can not view the live webinars, we will archive them for you so that you can watch them "on-demand" at a later date. Please CLICK HERE for the webinar flyer.

Our popular technician program will also be held virtually this year, at a nominal fee, with details forthcoming.

To our existing members, thank you for your past support. We look forward to counting on you once again. For those of you who are not yet members, please forgive me for being direct, but why haven't you joined? The NJAO, its governing board and professional leadership work tirelessly for ALL NJ ophthalmologists. You are reaping the benefits of all of the public and behind the scenes efforts that we make for you. All we ask in return is membership, so that we can continue this important work. Please consider sharing in the success of the NJAO by becoming a member. Please CLICK HERE for a blank dues invoice or pay securely online at www.NJAO.org. We understand these are not the easiest of economic times, but it's times like this that as an organization we must remain strong.

Continue to stay safe.

Michael Farbowitz, MD
NJAO President, 2020