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Message from the President

Dear Fellow Members,

I can hardly believe that my presidency is almost over! I was so pleased that our team presented such a fine annual meeting. The new venue was a terrific upgrade, the speakers were amazing, and sponsors, physicians, technicians, and administrators were delighted. I am looking forward to next September and encourage all members to save the date now.

I am also blocking out time to attend the Spring 2017 coding conference. This meeting will address the many changes in coding that we will need to master to succeed with the new payment systems.

I am hoping that our members realize the attention that the officers, board members, executive director, management team, lead lobbyist, attorneys, and others pay to everything that affects our members. I would ask members to consider this and pay 2017 dues in November or December. This helps our whole team to focus on issues other than membership.

I am hoping that those of you who traveled to Chicago had a productive trip and wish all members a pleasant Autumn.

Warm Regards,
Michele A. Miano, MD
NJAO President, 2016